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CrossFit Teens

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CrossFit Teens (13 and up) are now underway at CrossFit West! These programs are specifically designed for youth to introduce them to the CrossFit program safely and appropriately in an encouraging and welcoming environment. CrossFit Teens are valuable for young people of any athletic background, whether CrossFit is your child’s first and only physical activity, or if they are high-level high school athletes looking for that competitive edge. Not only will the CrossFit West Teens program help to keep your children fit, healthy, and happy, but the self-confidence and community cultivated at CrossFit will be an unparalleled experience.

CrossFit Teens (Ages 13 and up) Schedule & Rates:
$75 per month unlimited membership

CrossFit Teens classes are held Monday and Wednesday at 3:45p-4:45pm, Friday at 3:30pm-4:30pm, and a CF Teens membership also includes access to Sunday’s Open Gym from 10am-1pm.

Our single most Frequently asked question: Can my teen participate in regular CrossFit West classes?
Yes – if they are 16 or over.  Teens between 13-14 must be in CrossFit Teens.  Teens aged 15-18 may attend either CrossFit West or CrossFit Teens classes.  A regular CrossFit West membership includes access to all CrossFit Teens classes as well for those aged 16-18.

CrossFit Teens has discounts available for family’s with more than one child (Must be same household, same payment account):

  • CrossFit Teens: 2nd child is $70/month, 3rd or more is $60/month.