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Happy Birthday!

Carlos dip

Happy 19th Birthday, Carlos! I’ve known this guy for some four or five years now and I’ve watched him kick ass at everything he puts his mind to. I can’t wait to see what happens in the next five years for him, and the next five after that.

Happy Birthday, my friend.

Getting Mobile

Getting mobile

Bendy is good

That Shoulder Girdle – Part 1

By Britt Birchall



While we clearly know the body is a complex system…what we may or may not realize is that our own head and shoulder posture is affecting our scapular mechanics and muscle activity in overhead tasks, causing pain and increasing rates of injury.  In order to avoid and decrease the number of incidences of shoulder pain, we each need to take some responsibility for our own posture.

Consider your head and shoulder position when standing alone.  How are your shoulders placed in the shoulder joint?  Is your chest open with your shoulders rolled back, and your head sitting “tall”?  In other words are your shoulders externally rotated and are you retracting your scaps, extending through your cervical spine?  Or is there some internal rotation at the shoulder joint with protracted scapulas causing your head to dodge forward?

Your head and shoulder position will clearly affect any overhead position, thus making a lift seem painful or uncomfortable, causing impingement in the shoulders or deltoids, etc.  While drawing attention to this, what may seam like a minor detail, it affects multiple activities around the gym…the pull-up, the handstand push-up, the overhead squat, the strict press, push press, push jerk, split jerk, front squat, back squat, snatch, clean, deadlift…

Clearly what may appear to be a simple minute detail…posture…actually is affecting all things we love and do…CrossFit.

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Carlos P

Carlos P