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Let me update Ya on that POWERLIFTING FEDERATION!

NO NO.. not that federation! Keep reading!

imgresMonday is upon us. Fresh start. Brand new week of training. Well rested from the weekend that was too hot! We have some updates for you all in regards to both gyms!



1. Knock Knock.. Who is it?!.. The New CrossFit West/Ready Power lifting Federation!

What:  An 8 week Powerlifting class focusing on developing superhuman strength in the deadlift, bench, and squat.
Who teaching:Two Passionate and well coached Trainers.  Coach Leah Lutz (holding some CA records in masters and in the open division) and Coach Britt!
When: Tuesday/Thursday
Time: 5:30-6:30/6:45
Start date: Sept 15th
End date: Nov 12
Need: People that want to have superhuman strength in the big 3!
– For Existing members: $75 in addition to their current membership for 8 weeks.
– For non-members: $130 for8 weeks.  Includes Open Gym access.
Class cap: 12 athletes.
Email: to register your spot!
2. Class Schedule at Ready changes next MONDAY!
The people have spoken! Class times at CrossFit Ready will change to the following:
Every day starting Sept 7th! (That’s next week you guys!)
– Out of 40 votes. We  had over 70% that wanted the change!
– This will be that last week of the original schedule of 4/5/6pm. NEXT week, we will be on the half hour!


I got 99 problems…but

I got 99 problems but calorie row and wall balls aint one.

Buy in: 33 burpees
3 rounds for time
33 cal row
33 wall balls
3 rope climbs
(modification 15 pull up)
buy out 33 HIGH FIVES


Ever wonder what 100 calories looks like?!



Click here for a bunch of portions

For the Ladies!

This one goes out to my ladies!

by coach Kayla!

hey-ladiesSo you know when we have ‘double unders’ programmed and not only are you looking forward to your pants falling down, and being passed the point of being able to control your bladder, and getting the occasional whip in the back of the leg, or the arm, or the butt, or the back, and you REALLY didn’t feel like you deserved all that after trying so hard? And to add to that list is the long a** ponytail killin’ your vibe by either whipping you in the face, getting stuck in your eye (pirate double unders), your mouth (so yum), or even better, getting stuck in your rope at rep number 99 of 100. Another one to look forward to is the “cute, messy bun”. Yeah it doesn’t exist if you actually DO something. After 1 or 2 aggressive jumps, your top bun immediately turns into a saggy, half ponytail, half knotted hot mess. You are better off shoving your ponytail in your sports bra (supes comf) or holding your ponytail in its entirety in your mouth…yes I have witnessed this before.

Behold….TWISTIES. I don’t actually remember the name of these, but that’s what I call them….and now for a short story…


Once upon a time, ‘twas a gal named Kayla who had hair down to her butt crack. Her long locks, though flowing and lucious, prevented her from having successful double unders, and constantly made her look like ‘Cousin IT’ during most gymnastics movements and Olympic lifts. Then came the purchase of the twisties ($7 at target/amazon/CVS) The most secure method I have discovered with these lil dudes is to first put the hair up in a high or low ponytail. “Wait hold up…I can CHOOSE the style of my hurrrr?!” You got it, woman! Then, all that is left is to twist the ponytail into a bun and place a spin pin where the bun ends and one on the opposite side. Boom. Secure. No more eating your own hair. No more redoing hair 6 times during a workout. No more whipping yourself in the face. Get to working out, punk.



back squat single

1-1-1-1-1 (record)
for time:
400m run
20 front rack lunges
20 sumo dead high pul
20 front rack lunges
run 400m run
RX: 95- 63
CX 135/83



Squat cycle is Coming!!

Hello Team!

Wanted to let you all know that we will begin a squat cycle starting next week at the gyms! Please come ready with a recent 1 rep max! None of this back in 2009 I squatted 500lbs…So…Im use that to base my percentages off! Get a recent number/ Find one tomorrow or Thursday!


This squat cycle will have us squatting 2 times a week!.. Bring your knee sleeves and fancy shoes!