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World Record “Fran”

We all know Fran.  She’s one of the most notorious WODs out there, known for causing grown men to end up on the ground in the fetal position.  A good Fran time is anything under 3 minutes.  Jason “Rhabdo” Kaplan took this to another level.  He decided to go sub 2.  Here is the video of his world record 1:53 Fran.

Yeah you saw that correctly.  That’s 45 thrusters at 95# and 45 pullups in under 2 minutes.  Pretty dang impressive.


Bench Press 5×5 add 5#


AMRAP 15 min

1 Rope Climb

2 Clean and Jerks (185/125)

400m Run


  1. Sam Y

    Another one of the many CrossFit Freaks!

  2. Since when are med balls allowed in world records?

  3. samrad

    It’s a rather old video, probably about 4 years old. Standards were a little looser back then and there wasn’t the idea of a ‘world record’ in the way there is now–competition standards, judging, etc. Jason did another Fran several months later at a Level 1Cert with strict judging and his time was much slower. There is no doubt that Jason is an absolute beast and that this Fran is an exceptional performance, but it does not have much relevance to today’s CrossFit.