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Paint It Up!



Hey Westsiders, you may have noticed some new shine on the walls! Currently we are in the process of painting all the walls and columns in the gym. Color choice : “Metallic Awesome”.


So many cleans today!


First off, watch the video above. OK.. watch it again. That my friends is what a heavy clean and jerk should look like.



Today, a bunch of us were exposed to the Hero workout “Badger”. Quickly, we were forced to understand the meaning of pacing.  30 touch and go cleans?! 30 pull ups unbroken?! 3 times! Your goal at West and CrossFit is to maximize your intensity. Start keeping track of what reps and movements you can recover from. For example, a set of  2 touch and go cleans @ 185 lbs is much easier to recover from and maintain, than sets of 4 touch and go cleans @185lbs.  Be efficient! It’s not how fast you start, it’s how fast you finish!



What a Day!

IMG_4425What an awesome day at CrossFit West! We had a few snatches, a lot of Clean and Jerk PRs, and a ton of tacos!


Big thank you to all the judges that helped No rep and count for all the athletes! If you missed it, don’t do it again! We will be running 15.2 this Sunday from 10-1pm. Same style. Heats, warm up area, and a lot of high fives! Big thanks to all for making it such a great day!



PS. If you have any awesome pictures from the event please email them to




Thank You


Thank you for nearly a decade of wonderful memories, CrossFit West.

Now go kick some ass on 15.1!