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Event 7 for the Gold

A pretty awesome video of our Brooke!



Kids zone!


Kids, the joy of life. We love them. We at CrossFit West and CrossFit Ready,  genuinely want them surrounded by positive influences. They come to the gym and see mommy and daddy running, jumping, and lifting weights. They see their role models continuously working hard in order to be better versions of themselves. We want these kids to continue to be a part of our awesome community. We also need to watch for their safety in the gym during class times. Strong bodies sprinting in and out the gym, massive dumbbells being dropped from the heavens, ginormous rubber weights on steel bars being dropped from broad shoulders! This is hard work at its finest, and a show for the kids to watch in their designated areas.


At CrossFit West we have an ample amount of space as well as a kid friendly zone with a state of the art television that plays all the G  rated movies you can dream of.  Please come to the gym a few minutes before class and set your child/children up with some books/ movies/ or toys in the designated kid’s area. During the workouts, please keep a watchful eye on them and make sure they are staying in that same area. We want to not only be respectful to everyone trying to workout, but also watch for your child’s safety.


Get upside down

Let us work on scaling to keep our intensity high!

High Rep Front Squats = Quad Gainz



If you don’t know by now, you must be living in the mountains with no access to the internet. Our very own West Sider has just placed first in ALL of California! Make sure to give her a big high five (watch that right hand..RIPPED) and big congrats for her achievement! Make sure to buy your tickets to the games NOW if you are even considering to go! It will be an experience of a lifetime.


We are running the end of our back squat cycle, and will begin some hypertrophy work with our legs with some front squats. Be modest with your numbers, because we will be increasing the percentage weekly. If you do not have a current one rep front squat, let your trainer know and find a heavy single and do 2 back off sets at 60% for 8 reps.